WaterRipper QuackShoot

QuackShoot all you need is a Rubber Duckie and a WaterRipper to play

Cover  Story Garden Island Newspaper, Sunday July 15, 2012  Kauai, Hawaii  by Dennis Fujimoto

“It is a blast just skipping a lightening fast and highly accurate water bag at a target.”

“All you need is 3 inches of water and you have a water court of any size and shape”

Its hot out and you are bored with the usual water footballs, frisbees, splash balls and bouncy waterballs. Try something different this summer! Try the hottest new water toy the WaterRipper and play a game of QuackShoot.  All you need is Rubber Duckie, a WaterRipper and 3″ of water surface. You don’t even need  to be in the water to play.  Although you can play solo, some friends & family players make it much more fun and active. WaterRipper Quack Shoot will hone your ripping, targeting and catching skills. It is as simple as skipping a rock! Quack Shoot is the perfect new water sport activity while you’re at home, at your recreational center,  pool or away on summer vacation at the beach or staying at a hotel.

WaterRipper QuackShoot Kits are available, so contact ripperball.com and stay intouch through facebook or the mailing list.

There are a few other things you might need for this awesome game of WaterRipper Quack Shoot:
  • WaterRipper floating waterbag available from Ripperball.com  or USA Pool & Toy wholesale.  (Water balls will work but you will have more fun and play time with a water bag.)
  • Water Surface – 3″ of water min. waterways include  pools, lakes, streams, ocean…
  • Play in or out of the water. You don’t need to be in the body of water to play Quack Shoot.
  • WaterCourt  A water court is defined as the water surface area you are playing in, on or between.
  • Players  Solo player or you and another player or players. Play with opposing groups and teams.
  • Rubber Duck (available from Leslie Pools) or other pool stores or online. Plain rubber duckie works (larger than derby duckie is better)
  • If no rubber duck is available, you may choose some other target such as a noodle water bottonstubes, a ball or anything else that will make a suitable target.
  • WaterRipper Quack Shoot target can be ANY floating object even a ball, so don’t miss out on the WaterRipper Quack Shoot game, it’s fun with any target!
  • Make sure to be courteous of other people who may be in the water or near the water that are not involved in the WaterRipper Quack Shoot game.
  • A Rubber duckie with a whistle or quack makes it more fun and accurate.
  • Duckie target in the middle or Duckie in a goal are both suitable targeting games.
  • Foam Noodles Play QuackShoot while riding a noodle or use a noodle as a suitable target to shoot at or shoot over.
  • The rubber duckie dispenser, if owner supplied, needs to be chemical free (no Chlorine). Add small rock ballast for weight if needed when tossing duckie or keeping it upright.
  • The player defender can wear goggles and defend the duck (Soccer style)
  • More WaterRippers! More fun! so order extras online.
2 players playing catch while shooting at the Rubber Duck in the middle.
The WaterRipper generally should rip, skip, roll & catch before hitting the duckie.


2 players playing catch while shooting at the Rubber Duck in the middle  – Hanalei Bay, Kauai
Can you see the ball? Can you see the duckie in the middle?
Quackshoot on kayaks Lake Oroville







QuackShoot on Kayaks, Lake Oroville, CA

Players take aim and the duckie while paddling on layaks


How to Play

Players shoot at the Rubber Duck target using a skipping WaterRipper using a overhand, sidearm or backhand throw on the water surface.  The first person to tap the rubber duck win one point (Quack), or knock it over get two points (Quack, Quack). Players can play on any type of water craft such as a kayak, raft, noodle, boat, water tube, boat and more. You can set up a goal post with Duck Chlorinator which forces you to actually knock the duck over. QuackShoot Kits are available at  RipperBall.com Sports,  For a full gallery of photos check out our Quack Shoot Gallery.
Find a suitable location for QuackShoot. Test the waters with a rally between players using the WaterRipper. Toss the rubber duckie into the middle of your defined WaterCourt or midway between players.  Players generally should be 10′ – 90′ apart. Based on skills and ability, consider the appropriate amount of space between player(s) and target.
Start by playing catch skipping the WaterRipper rallying while strafing the duck or target.
Now you are ready…
1. While playing catch or solo, shoot the WaterRipper at the rubber duck target. Depending on your power, you will either tap or knock the duck over. You just need to hit the rubber duck with a ripping & skipping WaterRipper or  you can use a direct hit. (ripping & skipping is more fun.)
2. Hit the Rubber duck.  Quack!
3. Knock it over. Quack! Quack!
4. The winner gets the first shot at the next rally and QuackShoot.
1. Test the waters, know the terrain, current and conditions.
2. Play and make up the rules as you go. Try to be inclusive of all skill levels of players.
3. Have fun and be aware of other people around you.
4. Play anywhere – Play in the water, sitting at the water edge, in the water, riding a noodle, in a kayak, on a boat…
5. The duckie will move around with hits and current so move around it and maintain equal distance.
6. Reset the Duckie Periodically after a round, you can grab the duckie and throw it for better position for another round.
7. Defend the Duckie a 2nd player or 3rd player or more can defend the duck by catching or defelcting shots on the duckie.
8. Young kids may want to just shoot at the duckie at close range.
Gradually move them further away from the duckie as they accomplish more power, control & better ripping skills.
Remember: If you don’t have a rubber duck, a ball ring or noodle makes a suitable target. Don’t miss out on the WaterRipper Quack Shoot game, it is fun with any target! WaterRipper Quack Shoot target can be ANY floating object.
Girl shooting at a rubber duckie (solo) or group.  Tunnels Beach, Kauai
Sneak attack on the rubber duckie (solo) or with a group.  Hanalei Bay
3 players surrounding the duckie in a circular QuackShoot. Hanalei bay
Example of a noodle goal with a Duckie Goal post for extra point.
The player is wearing goggles and defend the duck (Soccer style)
One Mile Pool Chico, CA
This game can be played in teams or individually, it is completely up to you as long as you come up with a game plan prior to beginning the game. Pairs or teams with the most points win!
This is a game of throwing and catching and honing your ripping skills. It does not require scoring. It is plenty of fun just skipping a high speed and accurate object at a target. WaterRipper Quack Shoot is designed to help people of all ages (4yrs +) learn to fine tune a skipping skill of throwing and catching.If you want to keep score:
Tap the Duck (1 Quack) or 1 point
Knocked the duck over (2 Quacks or 2 points)
The player or team with the most points at the end of the game wins!
You might want keep score and who doesn’t love a friendly competition?

If there is a tied game:

It is a simple shoot out free range. First one to hit the duckie wins.
This awesome game has been demoed at Chico Area Rec and ParksKauai beaches & Hanalei Bay, and some Marriott Hotel and Hyatt Hotel locations. It has also been demoed for  author Catherine Beeghly. Interested in a demo or a Quackshoot Kit for $30.00? Please e-mail us immediately so we can set something up. Did you try this at home? Please share your photos with us in the comment section.

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