How to Play

The WaterRipper is a waterball typically played on a water surface. All you need is 3″ of water and you have a WaterCourt any size any shape. Play in a pool a lake river or a parking lot on a portable watercourt. You do not have to get in the pool to play RipperBall Sports. Shoot at targets, play catch, water polo water soccer with two or more … All field sports and court sports can be played with the WaterRipper on a WaterCourt. You can also Play Water Golf, RipperSkip, WaterRipper Polo, WaterRipper Bowling, WaterRipper Tennis, WaterRipper Kayak Fetch, WaterRipper Houseboat Catch, WaterRipper Jet Ski Fetch and more…

Skips like Rock. Catch it like a bag

Throw the WR like a baseball or rock using your three fingertips and flick your wrist. Catch the WaterRipper using one hand or just your fingertips! You can throw forearm or backend (see throw menu)

Innovative Water Play

Water Golf or Kayak Golf

Identify your own Water Golf holes. Use accessories noodle rings noodle goals, noodle limbo sticks to play. Use launching devices and other accessories for added performance and distance.

WaterCourt on Pavement

WaterRipper is not only the perfect waterball for a water surface, but also for any pavement–as long as you have 3″ of water to play in. A great innovative game for a kiddie pool or slip ‘n slide. Perfect for days in which you want to skip like a rock, catch like a bag but are far away from a lake or river. Perfect all year round.

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