WaterRipper® & SkipBiscuit  – Water skimming sports bags designed for kids.

 A sports toy that skips like a rock  After 10 years selling the Original WaterRipper and promoting water sports, connecting families love for water play & water toys, we launched the SkipBiscuit.

Design Goal  Design a sports toy to skip like a rock & catch like a bag that absorbs water and has a low profile skip that is easy for kids to catch & throw. This sports toy needs to be durable and a high performance toy to satisfy the whole family including grandma.

What it Does  It really rips! Like playing catch with a skipping rock but nobody gets hurt. Kids like the easy to grip the bag, phenomenal low profile skip & amazing long distance flight. Kids love the low impact catch making it a winner in any skipping contest and group play outperforming any water ball on the market in the pool, lake & the surf.

Kids 5+ can experience the thrill and master rock skipping with the low impact yet high performance toy. Adults can play catch 100’ apart. An all ages pool & surf toy.

Invention Story  In 1986 while playing with a Hacky Sack on a beach in Kauai a friend accidentally skipped it in the surf. In amazement we watched it rip across the bay like a skipping rock! We could not put it down for the rest of the vacation.

Eureka! While on vacation in 2008, I bought the world’s top selling water ball to play in the surf with a friend, within minutes of playing, I realized that the water absorbing bag was a better skipper, easier to catch & throw than the bouncy gel water ball.

That Fall I tested and developed low impact bag technology, games and accessories all built around a little bag that accidentally got in the surf. The rest is all fun and games.

The Ripper was introduced at the NY Toy Fair in 2009 and patented in 2013.

Testimonials   My Son loves this ball. No longer available on Amazon. I found the website to purchase this directly from the creator and bought 6. They lasted all summer with almost use everyday at a summer camp with 100+ children…    Amazon.com  S. A. Burke  8-8-17

Great invention. I never thought there will come a time when balls could skip on water and not just float! My kids had a wonderful time playing with the Water Ripper, more so us, the older guys.      City of Trees Realty Chico Jason Buehler  6-24-10 

­+ Phenomenal low profile skip pattern

+ Water absorbing low impact bag

+ No bounce rolls to a stop on pavement

+ Easy to master & control for kids

+ Effortless catch and throw

+ Entertains kids for hours