Skips like Rock. Catch it like a bag

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Fun For Everyone!

Kids 5+ can experience the thrill and master rock skipping with this low-impact yet high-performance toy. Adults can play catch 100’ apart. An all-ages pool & surf toy.

How to Play

All field sports and court sports can be played with the WaterRipper on a WaterCourt. You can also Play Water Golf, RipperSkip, WaterRipper Polo, WaterRipper Bowling, WaterRipper Tennis, WaterRipper Kayak Fetch, WaterRipper Houseboat Catch, WaterRipper Jet Ski Fetch and more…

It really rips!

Kids like the easy to grip the bag, phenomenal low profile skip & amazing long distance flight. Kids love the low impact catch making it a winner in any skipping contest and group play outperforming any water ball on the market in the pool, lake & the surf.
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