Play Water Golf with WaterRipper, a waterbag made for Water Golf.

There are a lot of fantastic ways to utilize WaterRipper, one of the top ways to play with the hottest water sport toy is to get involved with a game of Water Golf.

What is Water Golf:

Water Golf is similar to golf (surprise!) except that it’s played on the water surface. The set up is that you have a clearly defined water court for your game. The main piece of equipment you need for a game of Water Golf? WaterRipper!

According to Wikipedia, WaterRipper is one of two products on the market targeted to Water Golf. Perfect! So now you know what WaterRipper is the perfect choice in equipment.

What you will need prior to game:


  • Any type of water surface
  • A clearly defined water court
  • WaterRipper (floating waterbag)


  • Water noodles
  • Kayaks
  • Rafts
  • Launching devices

What are the rules:

Players shoot at targets using a skipping WaterRipper. Players can play on any type of water craft such as a kayak, raft, noodle, boat, tube and more. Players drive the WaterRipper using your arm, or perhaps a launching device. Water Golf scoring and general rules are determined by whoever is playing the game!

Rules and regulation, similar to a real game of Golf:

 1. Find a suitable location to “tee off” from. If you’re at the pool, try starting at the diving board. Launch the WaterRipper as far as you can towards the goal. Just like regular golf, everyone tee’s off at the same time in Water Golf with their WaterRipper.
2. Locate your WaterRipper and take your next shot! The player farthest from the goal will shoot first. Based on distance to the goal, people will launch their WaterRipper in proceeding order.
3. Players record number of shots required to make the goal. Just like in Golf, player with the lowest score leads the next tee.

Are you ready to gather your friends for a great game of Water Golf with the world selling WaterRipper? Please share your experience with us!

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